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Date: 2014-02-17 08:57 am (UTC)
good_at_heart: (amelia - of course)
Although she's surprised at the statement, it's sort of ... very true, but to hear what she thinks come from someone elses' mouth, it's something that she thought she might never experience. Most people thought the same way as her father - that a person's secrets and emotions and wants don't matter as long as they do what is expected of them. "Th - thank you. Your kindness is much appreciated."

Amelia allows her gaze to follow the line of his finger, taking in the sight of the man in front of her, taking a break from the chaos going on inside that's been caused by his mother. "You would do such a thing for a man that you don't even know?"

She is about to ask why when he continues on, and she quiets, just listening. Already, this man is not at all like anyone else she has ever met. And that piques her curiosity in a way that she is unaccustomed to. "And how do you think I will end up, if not like her?"
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