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Date: 2014-03-21 06:15 pm (UTC)
good_at_heart: (amelia - i know my lot in life)
It's a sad state of affairs that that is the case, but it is, although Amelia has never been shy in sharing her own. It's probably one of the reasons that her father wants to marry her off, and as quickly as possible, to whoever will take her. "Revolution doesn't have to be violent - it can begin in the smallest of ways, such as ... not keeping quiet when one is faced with an injustice."

Although Amelia might not be able to hear the negative thoughts, she is finely attuned to noticing when people notice her, and the glances that they spare, which are not always hidden behind smiles. She simply holds her head up all the higher, determined to ignore them, and, for the first time in forever, enjoy herself and the conversation that she and Daimon are having. It's so rare that she meets someone who thinks of things similarly to the way that she herself goes, after all.

"Hopefully, they appreciate your assistance. I know that I do - I would have made quite the fool of myself had I stayed out in the cold."

She offers a smile, and a quick nod, reluctant to have to step away anytime soon. "Not yet, no, but maybe with time, there will be."
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