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Date: 2014-03-28 12:46 am (UTC)
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"Oh yes, I agree. And it's the little, subtle revolutions that tend to stick." He gestures around. "Half the people that you see being nasty to each other aren't even bad people. They're nasty because the way the world is now oppresses them so badly that they can't stand it. You can take one thing--say, tight-lacing your corset. Yes, it's fashionable and some idiots may say nasty things if it's not done. But it makes women ill. So the more women that stand up and refuse to do it, the better. It gives the others permission to loosen up eventually themselves, and one day...a bad fad dies out." His eyes twinkle.

He looks across the room as they come in. "It needs doing. This is a bad age, love, and no mistake." A little slip of his accent, going from Oxford to Whitechapel for about a second. "When someone has power, they have two choices. They can let themselves become arrogant and aloof, like so many do. Or they can use that power, and remember what being "noble" really means."

He smiles at her thanks and shrugs. "It's one of the better ways of introducing myself! Besides, truth is...I just hate bullies."

A rustle of the crowd, and there comes Lord Roxbury, in a ridiculous purple waistcoat and tails that make him look like he was about to step on stage to star in a satire. He looks around, eyes hooded in a way that would look sensual if he had even a hint of a chin. His gaze seems to lock on the bosoms of every girl he looks at.

"Ugh." Daimon mutters something under his breath that sounds suspiciously like "wanker". "So, what are your thoughts about being here tonight? I...mislike some of the company."
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