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Date: 2014-03-29 11:43 pm (UTC)
good_at_heart: (amelia - side eye)
It's funny that he should mention corsets, she thinks, sighing as deeply as she was allowed. "Yes, perhaps my battles aren't all in vain. Perhaps my sisters will live in a world that's at least a bit kinder than the one that I've been forced into living. Without corsets, and without so many antiquated rules for behavior. Hopefully, they have a better chance at finding happiness than I will." And that isn't Amelia being overly dramatic - she's simply realized her situation, and her station in life, and what it demands of her.

If she's surprised at the change of accent, she barely even bats an eye. After all, plenty of the servants at her father's estate sound exactly the same. Although it does beg the question of how he'd been invited to a party such as this, and in any capacity other than server, or doorman. "If only more people would choose to be noble. But I think that power ... corrupts."

Well, it would seem that they've got that in common, too. And perhaps it tickles her to hear him say the words - he'd hate her father if they ever had the opportunity to meet.

Amelia doesn't have the time to answer before the crowd parts and she catches sight of Lord Roxbury, too, preening like a peacock while simultaneously undressing the women in attendance with his eyes, and she feels absolutely sick to her stomach. This is who she might be expected to marry? She'd rather drown herself first.

If he followed the line of her eyesight, he'd notice who she was watching carefully, as well. "I'd much rather be anywhere else in the world, actually."
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