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Date: 2014-01-20 04:58 am (UTC)
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A hand comes down on her shoulder from behind as she stumbles, just long enough to steady her. "She's drunk," comes the grim explanation, a little breathless from darting back outside. "Lady Castleworth never appears anywhere in public without enough sails to the wind to pull a galleon." There is black amusement in his voice. He's not technically standing too close to her, but comments might have been raised...were it not for the spectacle starting just inside.

Having planted herself in the doorway, the woman set her stance wide, and scowled around at the assembled crowd while her son did her best to edge away and make his escape inside. Fists on hips, she opened her wide, froggy mouth as if about to pronounce a condemnation of everyone around her. Instead, after a moment, she let out a long, extravagant belch that would have made a beer-swaddled longshoreman proud.

A burst of embarrassed laughter rippled through the crowd, and her son crimsoned and hurriedly dashed toward the punch table. "See?" Daimon chuckled in the young girl's ear.
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