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Date: 2014-01-24 10:54 pm (UTC)
good_at_heart: (amelia - laugh)
Amelia is thankful for the assistance, as the very last thing she needs to do is to meet up again with her father, dirty and wet, and have to try to explain that it wasn't her fault that she'd gotten that way. He'd never believe her, not when she's employed just about every tactic available to her in order to have an excuse not to meet with a potential suitor.

An accident, though, no matter how true the tale turned out to be, would just infuriate the man.

His words cause a nervous little titter to escape her lips - it's not as though it wasn't common knowledge that the older woman enjoyed a drink or twelve on occasion, but it's not polite to speak such things out loud. Such gossip is best done behind closed doors. "It seems the drink has caught up with her tonight."

And then, there is that display in the doorway, and Amelia, shocked beyond belief, cannot help herself from laughing all the louder - a pleased, amused sound that she hasn't made in far too long. Thank goodness the other partygoers were far more interested in what Lady Castleworth was going to do next, otherwise undue attention would be paid to her.

"If that is how drinks cause a person to behave, I vow from this moment on, I will not partake."
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