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London had changed a lot since the century turned, Daimon thought as he stepped out of his hired coach and looked up the grand sweep of stairs leading to Lord Roxbury's mansion. But some things never changed. Here in the Year of Our Lord 1903, rich Westenders still offered up their children to each other like they would any other bribe--selling off daughters and occasionally sons for the sake of money and connections. Granted, they packaged each step of the transaction nicely. Like tonight's gathering: young ladies swanning around in ball gowns, alcohol flowing, more food laid on the dining tables than the whole of the East End saw in three days. Awkward interactions between teens and twentysomethings--and the occasional aging and somewhat predatory widower, whom the girls often tried unsuccessfully to avoid. Lord Roxbury, a skinny half-Frenchman with floppy dark blond hair, a prissy mustache and an annoyingly nasal voice, would be out tonight in force, leering at women a third his age. This despite his fourth wife being in the ground for barely a month. Men like Roxbury were why Daimon hated the rich with such passion. And tonight, he intended to take the bastard down several pegs. 

He tipped his driver well, instructing him in low tones to return at eleven sharp and wait near the servants' entrance at the back of the building, and then loped athletically up the stairs with his cane under his arm, earning a few gasps and comments from the hoi polloi. Let them fuss a little, he thought as he smirked to himself. It was the only warning they were getting of what was to come. His plan was simple: quietly run a telepathic con game against the worst people here, take them for whatever he could, make sure they didn't remember him--and then cap the evening by humiliating Roxbury as an amusing distraction, while he quietly slipped upstairs to replace some of the man's jewel collection with glass replicas.

He heard a few comments on his race as he topped the stairs, and made a mental note of the speakers--an older woman and a nervous redheaded man who turned out to be her son. Hearing "Shouldn't that wog be going in the servants' entrance?" was common to him, but nowadays he didn't have to just put up with it. He paused near a pretty brunette and glanced back at them, a sly smile on his face. Tonight the two were going to get ridiculously drunk and air every bit of dirty laundry their family had gathered for three generations, and she would develop a lingering impulse to punch police officers in the face. He looked between them as they stared at him, and then he turned on his heel and headed inside, pausing only to tip his hat to the young lady.

"Did you see how that bloody Wog looked at me? The nerve of him!" The woman had swelled up to half again her size, looking a bit like an angry pigeon in her lavender and grey ensemble. 

"Yes, Mother, I know, that was terribly rude." The redhead raised his hands in a conciliatory manner, just trying to calm her down before she made a gigantic scene. He was clearly terrified of her.

"I should summon the police at once! People like that should know their pl--" She paused. A puzzled expression crossed her face, and her features and manner relaxed. "...I...Cecil, what was I talking about?"

Cecil looked relieved for a split second--and then the strange confusion settled into his features as well. "I um...well...honestly I can't remember. I must have gotten distracted."

She scowled at him. "Well, come on, then, don't dawdle about like an idiot. We'll catch our deaths out here!" She heaved her way up the stairs, brushing rudely past the young lady near the entrance as she did so. "Mind where you're walking!" she snapped at the girl.

Date: 2014-03-21 06:15 pm (UTC)
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It's a sad state of affairs that that is the case, but it is, although Amelia has never been shy in sharing her own. It's probably one of the reasons that her father wants to marry her off, and as quickly as possible, to whoever will take her. "Revolution doesn't have to be violent - it can begin in the smallest of ways, such as ... not keeping quiet when one is faced with an injustice."

Although Amelia might not be able to hear the negative thoughts, she is finely attuned to noticing when people notice her, and the glances that they spare, which are not always hidden behind smiles. She simply holds her head up all the higher, determined to ignore them, and, for the first time in forever, enjoy herself and the conversation that she and Daimon are having. It's so rare that she meets someone who thinks of things similarly to the way that she herself goes, after all.

"Hopefully, they appreciate your assistance. I know that I do - I would have made quite the fool of myself had I stayed out in the cold."

She offers a smile, and a quick nod, reluctant to have to step away anytime soon. "Not yet, no, but maybe with time, there will be."

Date: 2014-03-29 11:43 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] good_at_heart
It's funny that he should mention corsets, she thinks, sighing as deeply as she was allowed. "Yes, perhaps my battles aren't all in vain. Perhaps my sisters will live in a world that's at least a bit kinder than the one that I've been forced into living. Without corsets, and without so many antiquated rules for behavior. Hopefully, they have a better chance at finding happiness than I will." And that isn't Amelia being overly dramatic - she's simply realized her situation, and her station in life, and what it demands of her.

If she's surprised at the change of accent, she barely even bats an eye. After all, plenty of the servants at her father's estate sound exactly the same. Although it does beg the question of how he'd been invited to a party such as this, and in any capacity other than server, or doorman. "If only more people would choose to be noble. But I think that power ... corrupts."

Well, it would seem that they've got that in common, too. And perhaps it tickles her to hear him say the words - he'd hate her father if they ever had the opportunity to meet.

Amelia doesn't have the time to answer before the crowd parts and she catches sight of Lord Roxbury, too, preening like a peacock while simultaneously undressing the women in attendance with his eyes, and she feels absolutely sick to her stomach. This is who she might be expected to marry? She'd rather drown herself first.

If he followed the line of her eyesight, he'd notice who she was watching carefully, as well. "I'd much rather be anywhere else in the world, actually."

Date: 2014-04-07 06:23 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] good_at_heart
"I think I'm beginning to see that. I can understand that it is up to me, rather than depending on anyone else, because it's obvious that these are not the types of people I need to be placing my heart and my trust with." She pauses, offering the quickest nod of her head, her lips quirking up into a smile. "I am not averse to a little ... mischief."

It is true that she never meets people quite like Daimon, and the more he speaks, the more Amelia wants to know. "Just try telling them that. I think they're all too happy in their closed off little world. I think they'd fear having to step out of it, even for a moment."

Amelia does her best to make herself as small as possible, just so that the Duke doesn't catch sight of her and head over - the last thing she wants to do is to be forced alone with the man. She might look a bit trapped when Daimon mentions that he's got things to do, but of course he was probably not at all interested in being used as a human shield, no matter how much she is actually enjoying the conversation. "Please, yes. You won't have to ask me twice."

Date: 2014-04-17 06:21 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] good_at_heart
It's unladylike of Amelia to wonder, but she can't help the fleeting thought that maybe some trickster had taken it upon themselves to spike the punch - she wouldn't mind if they did, as anything to make her forget how dreadful these soirees could be would be nothing short of a miracle. She sighs, following along, keeping her voice down, even though she's certain that nobody is bothering to try to listen in to their conversation. "That man is absolutely a pig."

And then, he's taken his place in order to block her from the Duke's view, and she's grateful for the gesture. This was far more interesting and pleasing a conversation than anything the Duke would speak about. And that's not taking into the account the fact that he'd be speaking to her chest, rather than to her. "I can't imagine that they're truly happy. They have to know, on some level, that all of this means nothing."

Amelia smiles at anyone who looks her way, raising an eyebrow as she ponders the question. "He always looks at me as though I'm nothing more than a ... a piece of meat. Not even as a prize to be won. I despise the man."

Date: 2014-04-28 08:37 pm (UTC)
good_at_heart: (amelia - i know my lot in life)
From: [personal profile] good_at_heart
Amelia could pinch herself, at least to prove that she isn't making all of this up in her head, so desperate is she to have someone who understands her. Surely, this can't be a figment of her imagination, no matter how vivid it might be.

But she's taken out of her thoughts at the mention of his father's title, surprised that someone of such lineage feels much the same as herself - just a simple lady, and slightly impoverished, at that, no one special. "I am not the only one, then, that wishes to be seen as something other than a selfish mans' legacy - ", she starts, only pausing to peek around Daimon's shoulder to see where the disgusting older man is, quickly standing straight and hiding as he comes nearer, thankfully not catching sight of her.

"We should all be so lucky to have someone like you watching out for us. I wish I could thank you properly for what you've done for me tonight."

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