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OOC Information
Player Name: Becca
Player Age: won't see thirty again
Player Contact: AIM=doctressamnesia plurk=anakimwriter
Player/Character HMD: here
Other characters in game: none

IC Information
Character Name: Daimon Winter
Character Gender: Male Age: 125 Apparent: 30s
Canon Point: Daimon appears here as he does at the very end of his canon, which is based on a novel of mine I'm currently revising. This allows him to be more settled emotionally, have his alcoholism under control and generally helps him be much more pleasant company. :)

Character History
The Life and Times of a Big-Hearted, Hammy Telepathic Thief )

Character World

The Anakim Universe and How Daimon Gets Along in It )
Character Personality 
Both a naughty kitty and a nice one. )

Character Abilities
Powers, Skills, and Weaknesses )

Character Inventory: Very nice vegan leather jacket, shoes, gloves and wallet, black silk-wool blend trousers and turtleneck, tasteful gold jewelry, silk socks and underthings. Wallet contents include cash, calling cards, condoms and a tiny lockpicking set. Smartphone full of pictures he's snapped of different places on Earth, funny YouTube stuff, legal comics and manga downloads (in Japanese), as well as his recipe database and collection of psych and philosophy e-books.

Daimon's one mystic item is the Necklace of King Ravana, an amulet in the form of a two-inch-long, spectacularly reflective, natural diamond crystal set sturdily in gold and hung from a heavy gold chain. The diamond glows and throws up refracted copies of Daimon's face around his head when used, and he generally only resorts to it in emergencies. The Necklace holds a portion of Ravana's power, and is used as a power amplifier, also giving him access to his shapeshifting ability while wearing it. Daimon is very protective of it and never lets anyone else use it, usually masking it in an illusion to make it look like an ordinary charm. However, it stands out a little to both magic and psychic sensitives. Daimon always knows where the necklace is, and can project his mind through the stone. Touching the diamond, especially when he is wearing it, forces a temporary psychic link between the character and Daimon, which will be disorienting and uncomfortable for both unless entered willingly.

Daimon, newly arrived and taking it fairly well, takes time out to help a young lion feel a bit more settled.

Daimon sat quietly on a bench in one of the small parks, watching a rainbow of what looked like large fantailed goldfish chase the crumbs he tossed in. Their minds were so simple--their memories short, their emotional needs easily satisfied. A few crumbs of bread put them into an excited bliss comparable to that of a golden retriever puppy with a new ball. Their environment was always new and exciting to them, and every time the sunlight danced on the water or they managed to catch a bug, it was the first time.

Focusing on them, on the low-level mental landscape of fish and birds and the occasional squirrel or roving dog, he was able to get his mind off the dreams that had woken him up that morning. But not for long. He had been here two days, sleeping in that strange bed, and last night he had dreamed of being back home--home, with his duties and fears, and both his friends and those who had hurt him the most. Yet what he had felt most upon waking was not, surprisingly, regret that the dream wasn't real. Instead, it was relief.

Relief to be away from the endless struggle and risk of his work, away from having to deal with Lilith, from having to watch Cerise and Morgan look at him like a stranger. Relief that he had been dragged off somewhere not-too-bad, out of need instead of malice, with nothing asked of him that wasn't natural for him anyway. It felt like a forced vacation. No, it was a forced vacation.

...or at least, that was what he decided he would take it as. A faint smile returned to his face as he tossed the fish another handful of crumbs. Any worry and guilt for being away from his duties, he could deal with. He always did. For now, he would simply focus on making sure the place really was as nice as it seemed. If it was, he'd do his best to see how he could contribute. If not, well. He was very good at taking care of himself.

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