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Permissions Post and HMD for Daimon Winter

Please talk with me OOC about: plots involving permanent physical or psychic damage or death, mind control or alteration, sexual assault, severe degradation, captivity, enslavement, or sexual kinks. I also prefer to talk about combat scenes so we can keep on the same page. :) Also be aware that Daimon is a very competent telepath and can usually sense when people are trying to use telepathy on him, if not block them. Contact me if your character wants into his mind! 

I will not play out: Gorn, extreme BDSM, anything that belongs in the toilet, rape, intense body horror/mutilation, futa, tentacle porn, bestiality, assumed romance/cr out of nowhere. 

Your characters may freely: debate with, flirt with, propose illegal shenanigans, talk with about any damn thing really, attack, attempt to follow or surprise, cold read/read expressions and body language, hug/make physical contact with, and plausibly use their powers on this character. He can donate blood to a vampire if it's not too messy, though he only does this for friends.

This character has severe problems with: extreme violence, sadism, gore, mental and emotional control and abuse, blood, animal flesh and anything decaying (physical reaction), anyone trying to steal his sparklie.

HMD and IC/OOC Noteboard for Daimon
Please toss up crit, plots, IC/OOC messages, questions, and any other thing you want in comments below.